Friday, April 3, 2009


I watched an interesting documentary last night called Haze. Basically it is about the tragic and completely avoidable "hazing" death of Gordie Bailey, a pledging fraternity brother who drank too much... you know the story. Anyway it got me thinking about how pervasive alcohol is in our social interactions and the suprising extent to which many of us have taken our drunkeness. I don't want to get into the philosophy or ethics or psychology of "partying" but I came up with a goddamn list and I think it's sadly funny:

My alcohol related statistics:

- 1 - # of times I've gotten arrested as a direct result of alcohol
- 1 - # of times I've had to get stitches as a direct result of alcohol
- 2 - # of 40's I can drink - easily.
- 5 - shots of Milagro I can drink before I "get crazy"
- 7 - # of stitchs I got after my communion with the cement
- 8 - # of Buschs I can competently put back and still function relatively normally
- 21 - age at which I nearly got alcohol poisoning (lets call it caloric shock)
- 30 - # of Buschs in a "cube" (can I get an amen Grant?)
- 365 - # of times I regretted doing something while drunk
- 450 - # of beers I'll drink this year
- 10,000 - # of dollars I'll spend on booze in the next 50 years

As you can see this is not a complete list nor is it completely accurate. For a more detailed and realistic survey come have a beer with me!!

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  1. That's quite a tally. Here's to tha Busch! I wonder how many can of Busch I've drank. Drunk. Drunken.

    The Cube has become so ubiquitous that a 12 pack seems like nothing to me now. It seems unsubstantial. I walk out the store with a twelve pack and I already need to do a beer run.