Friday, April 3, 2009

Eat more...pills

Do you, like millions of Americans, suffer from a constant burning sensation in that dumpster you call a stomach? Do you toil at the thought of digesting that delectable and nutritious cheese steak that you so rightfully deserve? Do you sit around wishing that the burning noxious ether that has filled your chest would just go away so you could forget about the half dozen Twinkies you have horded down there? Well wish no more my friends because those hardworking altruists at Eisai Company, Ltd. have donated thousands of hours of their post-doctoral work to bring you a little relief. Relief from heartburn. Relief from guilt. And most notably relief from sounding respectable when you ask your doctor about...

That's right my friends...Aciphex.
Ask your doctor how "Ass Affects" can help cure your belly ache!

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